Integrating SMS Short Codes Into Your Marketing Strategy

Owning and operating a business successfully means figuring out the marketing end of things since marketing is how you’ll be able to reach your audience easily, telling them about all the new promotions and products you have available. Since most people now have access to a mobile phone with a SIM, integrating short code texts into your marketing strategy could be the next best way to get more eyes on your business.

Figuring out a marketing plan

Short code texting is an incredible marketing tool that, when used properly, has the power to change the entire face of your business, but you’ll have to figure out the right plan to go along with this tool. SMS short codes have particular characteristics and advantages, like being able to reach thousands of customers at a time without having to spend too much money, but you won’t be able to provide them with more intricate and detailed messages like those found in videos or other ads. 

Make a marketing plan around these characteristics. You’ll find a lot of benefits, with some popular strategies being leaving SMS texting as a tool to inform customers about sales, discounts, and promotions for your business, which can supplement your larger marketing plan without taking it over completely.  

Finding the right service

There are a lot of services that will provide similar experiences to businesses that are interested, with slight differences in the features available and the price you’ll have to pay for those services. When you’re choosing a provider, you’ll have to consider what your business really needs and see what features fit your marketing plan the best. 

For example, a more expensive service would likely provide extra features like a dedicated short code for your business that will always be associated with it and the ability for customers to text you back on your short code number to get in touch or answer any common questions you may have, and, if that’s not valuable for your business, getting a cheaper service may be better in the long run.


There are tons of benefits to using a short code service, but it all depends on whether you’re able to adapt your marketing enough to the situation. These benefits include, as previously mentioned, the ability to reach literal thousands of potential customers instantly, which means you can send urgent texts that are related to limited-time offers and sales that are going away soon with the confidence that customers will be able to receive your texts immediately. 

Steps to integrating short codes

Now that you’ve settled on the right provider and know the benefits that are waiting for you if you go with the right strategy, you’ll need to integrate this into your business strategy. The first step is choosing the right kind of short code number, as you can pick between having a shared number that is cheaper than alternatives but is shared between businesses or a dedicated number that will always be associated with your business. Next, you will have to make content that is best suited to the text format, making sure you’re using short, simple phrases that catch attention and engage with customers. 

Learning from the competition

The competitors you have in your space may already be using a solid texting strategy to reach their customers and get them to engage with their ads. This means that if you want to get a head start, it may be a good idea to analyze the strategy your competitors are using, including the way they craft their messages, and use that information to create your own strategy. If you’re able to learn from your competition, you’ll be able to reach a higher level of success faster, with less trial and error.  


Integrating SMS short codes into your marketing strategy could be an incredible way to connect with your audience in the digital age. Since you’ll be able to deliver instant targeted messages, short code services could allow you to target your customer base more efficiently than ever and get your message across. By incorporating this strategy, you’ll be able to meet your marketing goals and stay ahead of the competition. 

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